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Interpreting the teacher's couplet...


In the land of the Soul, endless skies
Lord of the earth and skies, kind and wise
Ups and downs of the path, pain and ease
Climbing mountains high, sailing wide seas.

In the unseen, rain and cloud of different kind
Different sun and sky confound the mind
None is seen, save by the chosen few
Others in awe of the Creator’s view.
Rain’s purpose is to help plants to grow
Rain’s purpose is to help decay’s flow.
Growth and life spring from the spring rain
Autumn rain will only bring decay and pain;
The spring nurture the seed, water and feed
In the fall, feverish, yellow, tree and weed.
And so is cold and the wind, even the sun
Though different, from one source are all spun;
So it is, different, varied, in the unseen
Profit, loss, gainful, baneful, wise and green.
This is the eternal breath of the spring
In the heart and soul, green fields will bring;
What the spring shower does for the tree
Breath of life brings to the soul, fortunate, free.
If in place you find a tree of dry fame
Know that life-giving wind is not to blame
Wind fulfilled its purpose and blew
He who had soul, his own soul slew.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
January 25, 1999


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