3: 180-188

God telling Moses to pray with a sincere tongue


Said, "Moses, seek from me thy bliss
With a tongue never uttered words amiss"
Replied Moses, "I have no such tongue."
"Use one which to you does not belong.
With other tongues never uttered a sin,
Use those tongues to go deeply within.
Surely with other tongues you’ll find a way
Day and night my praises to me pray.
Else correct your way, clean your word
Your soul, nimble, agile, in accord.
Prayer is good, when goodness arrives
Makes evil pack and outward drives.
Opposite from opposite will take flight
Night is no more when comes up the light
When goodness becomes your word and song
Neither evil will remain, and nor the tongue.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
August 8, 1998


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