Baking Bread

I turned the oven heat right up
Watched the fire reach the top
Waited for temperature to rise
For this is the way of the wise
When the hot oven was ready
And its temperature steady
I put the dough in and shut the door
And watched it rise for sometime more
Subjected to the heat of fire,
Making bread, my sole desire.
Finally I took out the hot bread
Brave dough the oven did not dread.

Every project needs a fire
Burning hot, fuelled by desire
And dough, the raw material
If it's to make anything at all.
Patience, constancy, study
Before we can become ready;
And intention to open the door
Take the first step before some more
Passionate heat of the fire
To purge away dross and mire
Until the dough, metal base
Becomes bread, golden grace.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 26, 1997

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