Rumi 24

In such revealing nights I swoon
Others crescent is my full moon
The night when beloved is in our midst
A night as revealing as a hundred high noon.

Around us impotent causality fails
For I long for the day that First Cause unveils
A mendicant poverty won’t shun
Others’ hardships he proudly entrails.

God forbid such emblems under my gown
In every town I wear such crown
The pearl that outgrows both worlds
Within the sea of my heart shall drown.

In this world attained our resurrection grade
Till thoughts of the other & Judgement Day fade
Settle for God’s never ending grace
Grace of all others try to evade.
All the world like Shams-e Tabriz
Is under the parasol shade.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 11, 1998

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  1998, Vancouver Canada, 1999 - 2005,  Los Angeles, CA
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