Rumi 131

O friend of mine, O friend of mine,
O heedless lovely dread of mine
Compassionate unwed of mine
Thy grace, worrisome head of mine.

Most welcome is this soul of mine
My cure, filling this hole of mine
O faith and control of mine
Thou rich ocean bed of mine.

Caring companion of mine
Happy dominion of mine
A thousand opinion of mine
Union of this spread of mine.

To night-travelers, the light
And to the disturbed, delight
Where caravans stay the night
Caravan guide and head of mine.

Thou leader and opposition
Moon and Jupiter’s position
Thou reality and vision
Thou precious bread of mine.

O thou soul spring of mine
O king of mine, O king of mine
O endless pearl string of mine
Higher than lofty head of mine.

Thy ground is this sky of mine
Thy poison, drug and high of mine
This heartfelt sigh and cry of mine
Joy of secrets, unread of mine.

I was asked to give account
Of such worthless small amount
Seek not deception, be blunt
"My subject", this Thou said of mine.

Your head for treasures makes design
For love put your life on the line
Align yourself with the divine
O brutal beastly friend of mine.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
October 15, 1998


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