Rumi 143

The heart that you’ve lost, seek from your soul
Your life’s serenity seek from your soul
Abdicate body’s throne, and put on your soul’s crown
Traverse the skies, Saturn of your soul extol
Sugar’s incomplete, it only tastes sweet
When between your teeth, on your tongue roll
Prophetic message divine, people are golden mine
Seeking your golden vein, should become your goal
You who are still, for journey have no will
Take that first step, pay your highway toll
Thou who art divine, are without a sign
Forgive my decline, with mercy control
With lightning spears, set my heart in fears
My flowing tears shall fill my life’s bowl
Purpose of both worlds, while your life unfolds
Friend nor stranger holds, your soul knows your role
Shams-e Tabrizi who art complete and whole
With thy graceful word enthrall my soul. 

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 2, 1998


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  1998, Vancouver Canada, 1999 - 2005,  Los Angeles, CA
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