Rumi 149

Version I

I am enslaved to fate, of all else say no more
With a sweet tongue speak, else I plea say no more
Speak not of troubles, of treasures tell me more
And if of this you know not, be not troubled, say no more.

I have gone insane, Love found me, then whispered in my ear
"I am here, cry not aloud, curse yourself not, say no more"
I said "O Love it is other than Thee that I fear!"
Said "it may thus appear, yet is not so, say no more
I speak in your ear, to you brings secrets near
Speak with your head, confirm a nod, say no more!"

I asked, "what do I see? Is it an angel or a man?"
Said "no more an angel than a man, is another, say no more"
"Tell me what is, why withhold? Why the flames of my torment fan?"
Said, "just be tormented, confused, say no more!
For leaving this colorful and false abode you’ve made no plan
Rise up and just depart, leave this home, say no more!

Mevlana see only Shams, to none other your heart pour
See the light of that divine glowing face, say no more!"

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 23, 1998

Version II

I am enslaved to fate
    Other than fate say not a thing
Honey is sweet, tastes great
    Other than great say not a thing

Of pain speak nothing
    If joy not bring, say not a thing
If for you this has no ring
    Joyously sing, say not a thing

I had once gone insane
Love whispered when saw my pain,
"I’ve come and will remain
    Madness refrain, say not a thing."

I said "O Love, I fear
The things other than Thee here"
Said "though may thus appear
    To me is clear, say not a thing

"I’ll whisper in your ear
Secrets to you bring near
Nod your head and hold dear
    Silently hear, say not a thing"

"The face I see so well
Angel or man? Pray do tell"
Said "this is other than angel
    Nor with man dwell, say not a thing"

"Pray tell, what do I see
Else all my senses will flee"
"From senses remain free
    And just be, say not a thing

"You reside in this abode
Where color & falsehood explode;
Rise up, take up the road
    Pick up your load, say not a thing

"Other than Shams-e Tabriz
If ever Mevlana please,
Blow away with morning breeze
    His Light seize, say not a thing!"

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 23, 1998

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