Rumi 160

I am drunk and you are mad
Who’ll take us home and make us glad?
Said a hundred times, if you had
Two or three cups less, won’t be bad.

In this town I do complain
Every person seems insane
In this place madness like rain
Washes wisdom down the drain.

In the tavern of my soul
Carpet of joy will unroll
My soul is out of control
When trapped in a soulless hole

Gypsy minstrel who must play
More drunk than me as I lay
Beside such drunk, I dare say
Mild is the story of my day.

I left my home in that state
My drunken ways could not wait
Every place I looked, looked great
Saw my beloved, my soul mate.

I asked "where is thy land?"
With laughter and a cold hand
"Half from the Arabian sand
And half a heavenly strand.

"Half made of water and clay
Half soul and half solar ray
Half on the shallow beaches lay
Half from the oyster’s pearly play."

 I asked Thee to be my friend
And change this dividing trend
Replied that "I transcend,
All divisions in me end."

I am without head or hand
I am of this drunken band
All things I understand
Describe or silently stand.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 13, 1998


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