Rumi 177

O heart let go of your soul
Until you see the soul maker
Leave behind this deceptive faker
So you reach your real goal.

Unless you pass through here
You will never reach the beyond
Free yourself from worldly bond
Doubtless clear, to you appear.

If it is a sign that you seek
In this path, my dear friend
Yourself you must transcend
And signs to you will speak.

Go past the four and five
From six and seven look away
Rise above this earth and clay
Seven skies become alive.

When you’ve seen the seventh sky
Go to the eighth sphere
Step upon the things that appear
You’ll find the void nearby.

Within the void you shall see
The souls of dear friends
Disembodied floating heads
In the spaceless roaming free.

Close the critical eye
Appeal to the inner sight
From yourself briefly take flight
The beloved will appear nigh.

You who have never taken a pace
On the path of misfortune
To soul’s treasure won’t attune
Unless this costly pain embrace.

O hear ye, Shams-e Tabriz
Silently speak the word
With your soul be in accord
Which you’ll see joyously frees.

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
July 20, 1998

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