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A video by:
Shahriar Shahriari & Meher Amalsad

$ 35.00


Masnavi (Mathnavi)
Masnavi Mawlana Rumi 
 Hard Cover
2 Volume set
$ 240.00

Teachings of Rumi : The Masnavi
E.H. Whinfield
$ 19.00
 Tales from
the Masnavi
Arthur J. Arberry
$ 22.95

$ 9.95

The Essential Rumi
Coleman Barks
paperback - hardcover 
$ 14.95   -  $ 21.95

The Rumi Collection I
The Rumi Collection II 
Arthur J. Arberry
$ 13.00 each
Ghazals & General
Kabir Edmund Helminski

The Pocket Rumi Reader (Shambhala Pocket edition)
$ 6.95

The Rumi Collection: An Anthology of Translations of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

$ 14.95

Living Presence: A Sufi Way to Mindfulness and the Essential Self
$ 13.95

Coleman Barks

Rumi: One-Handed Basket Weaving: Poems on the Theme of Work
$ 9.00

The Illuminated Rumi

The Glance (Rumi)
$ 18.00

The Soul of Rumi
$ 16.95

Rumi, A Spiritual Biogrpahy
(Lives & Legacies)
Leslie Wines
$ 19.95

Hush - Don't Say Anything To God (Rumi)
Shahram Shiva
$ 15.00

Rumi: In the Arms of the Beloved
Jonathan Star
paperback - hardcover 
$ 12.95  -  $ 21.95
Audio / Video



When Days Have No Nights

by Mischa Rutenberg
$ 15.99

Breeze at Dawn: The Poems of Rumi in Song

by Dale Zola
$ 15.98
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The Hand of Poetry
Five Mystic Poets of Persia
Coleman Barks
$ 13.00
Books by:

Arthur J. Arberry

Coleman Barks

Kabir Edmund Helminski

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